Reno Phase 1: The Basement

So I said that we were putting a room in the basement for our oldest, live-at-home kid. We’ve spent the last 5 days working on building a 13 x 11 room for her in the basement.

So to start out we framed up the walls for the room which created a hallway around the room in the basement. This will allow me to get to the storage / gym / workshop without having to go through her room. (something I have to do at the current place we live so this is a HUGE thing for me) After the walls were¬†framed we gyproc’d them. Insulation around the floor joists¬†upstairs was next because the house is 40 years old and needs a lot of insulation! We had to change a bunch of the lighting so electrical was next and of course we have central heating so we cut in to the main trunk and added an output vent to the new bedroom.

We decided that since we were going to do the renovation upstairs next, we had better make the changes we needed for up there before we closed in the ceiling of the room and couldn’t do it any more. So with that said we decided to move the plumbing and electrical for the washer and dryer. I managed to pull out all the old pipe for the washer drain so saved some money there by re-using it. Always good to save money! Once we had that moved we put the gyproc ceiling up in the bedroom downstairs and crack filled.

Next steps are sanding, painting and flooring in the bedroom so we still have a ways to go before the room is livable but we only have until Friday to get it done because that’s moving day!

Here’s the basic layout of the basement now that the room is structurally there.