Welcome to the Chaos

Life has kind of become un-chaotic for me lately. With the purchase of a house that means no more moving around all the time from rental property to rental property. It also means that it’s time to start taking on projects to keep myself busy and start some hobbies so that will be the chaos that I talk about on this site.

The first chaos will of course be the move and getting settled in the new house. 2 weeks and counting until all of that starts. We get the house on March 17th and have 2 weeks to basically finish the basement. We are building a room for our oldest at-home kid, and building a wall to divide the new workshop from the rest of the basement. I’m excited to get at these!

Hopefully shortly after that we’ll be starting work on doing what I’ll be calling the “Tear Down The Walls” project which is doing┬áthe open concept thing to the living/kitchen/dining area. Big changes will be happening there so that is another chaos project that is going to be a challenge for me as I’m not really a handy person! Below is the layout before and after for that.

Other things I hope to do include building models, maybe learning to play the guitar, and of course I want to get in shape as well so there might be some gym chaos happening!

Stay tuned for details and pictures of the projects as we go along!